1% Challenge™ 30-Day Kick Start

Try the 1% Challenge™ for 30 Days

A 30-Day Bible Reading Plan to Get to Know Jesus Better

In collaboration with our friends at the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, we pulled together 30 verses from Scripture that we believe will jump-start your effort to Read, Reflect, Respond and Rest with God’s Word.

In today’s day and age, perhaps some people would prefer that the 30-Day Kick Start biblical texts below be hyperlinked to their full text via our electronic devices. We understand.  But today, we challenge you to be less “techie” with prayer and Scripture.

While there often is great value in Bible apps and online prayer tools, an increasingly computer-driven life can also be a deterrent to deeper growth in prayer.

The temptation to multi-task or to quickly check a notification grows stronger and stronger for many.  Stop and challenge yourself.  Pick up an actual, physical Bible, and take a minute to locate the Gospel passage from the 30-Day Kick Start.

Unplug for 15 minutes each day in order to meditate on God’s Word.  No dings, no pings, no frills, no multi-tasking.  Just you, the Lord, and His Word.  It has always been a life-changing practice, and it always will be.  Jesus said “when you pray, go to your inner room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret,” (Matthew 6:6).

No WiFi, data, batteries, or USB required!


What Next!

When You Complete Your First 30 Days. . .

  • Celebrate!
  • Share your experiences with a friend
  • Challenge someone else to do it
  • Keep it up!  Make daily time with God a way of life

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