Since 1998

The Evangelical Catholic (EC) launched in the early 90s and incorporated in December 1998 to help Catholic ministries and individuals embody their true evangelical identity.

The EC grew as university students, professors, and pastoral staff took our methods nationwide. We have consulting contracts with ministries in 23 states.

Our mission:

The Evangelical Catholic inspires, trains, and supports leaders to launch and drive dynamic movements of evangelization in their communities.  Through contractual relationships with parishes, Catholic campus ministries, and local organizations, EC staff provide personalized consulting services and robust resources to launch movements of evangelization driven by deeply evangelized lay leaders.

How We Work

We are coaches for Christ.  Any athlete can describe the difference it makes when an expert assesses your fitness, tailors workouts to advance your ability, and encourages you to reach new goals.

EC coaches help ministries identify and address the barriers they face, from staff availability to lack of a strong strategic vision.  Drawing from our decades of experience in discipleship formation for evangelization, we provide practical solutions and help ministry leaders implement them.

Teaching the Hungry to Fish

Not only do we train your staff, we help you train your staff and laity. You learn how to drive and sustain a multiplying cycle of calling and sending missionary disciples. Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, these faithful believers become people who can engage and form new believers and disciples, able to live the “essential mission of the Church” every day of their lives (Evangelii Nuntiandi, 14).


Coaching Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

EC partner ministries acquire access to our customized complementary online training system. Updated daily, 1,000s of pages and over 100 videos teach and reinforce essential elements of evangelization and discipleship formation and training, help users apply what they learn, and provide a structure to implement in parishes and campus ministries.

We named this coaching and online management system Reach More™.

We have consulted on-site with hundreds of ministries, taught thousands of laity to lead evangelization small groups, and trained over 10,000 Catholics for relational outreach. Currently, over 60 ministries are subscribing to our online evangelization coaching system, Reach More™.



Our annual REACH MORE™ Live evangelization training conference reaches even more broadly, equipping over 4,000 priests, university campus ministers, parishioners, and college students from across the U.S. for “the essential mission of the Church” (Evangelii Nuntiandi, 14).

Dynamic speakers inspire ministry leaders to drive evangelization for the sake of Jesus and his kingdom; then workshop sessions equip them with the skills they need to do it.

Tracks for campus and parish teach practical skills needed to share personal faith stories, initiate meaningful conversation, and live as a disciple who intentionally accompanies others.

Breakout sessions challenge ministry leaders to clarify organizational goals and form a strategic action plan that can be implemented immediately.

REACH MORE™ Live draws Catholics of all ages, vocations, professions, and personal backgrounds from across the country. The Holy Spirit is transforming the Church one disciple at a time. Experience it at REACH MORE™ Live!



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