Amazing Parish Follow-up – One on Ones – Part 1

How To Use This Training

The series of videos on One-on-One Discipleship Mentor Training that you are about to watch is part of a much larger, more comprehensive system, the Reach More™ Evangelization Coaching System. Reach More™, along with an Evangelical Catholic coach, offers sequenced training material, professional videos, and proven facilitator guides for discipleship.  Reach More™ guides local Catholic ministries through inviting, forming, and training an initial group of lay people to become small group leaders whose small groups become personal apostolates. We would love to tailor our methods to your ministry and provide this individualized coaching that will transform your ministry!  Our hope is for these videos to get you started in building a culture of prayer and discipleship

Often the very idea of inviting someone to meet one-on-one intimidates new leaders.  Though it is foreign to most people, it is an integral aspect of our mission and completely doable for any personality type. These videos and accompanying documents will inspire, train, equip, and encourage leaders to invite, assess, and walk with another into deepening discipleship.

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One-on-One Discipleship Training Part 1

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