Annual Report 2019

God's Work

We are in awe of God’s work through the Evangelical Catholic. The Lord continues to direct our ministry growth and new initiative, Nextstep. As you are inspired by the stories in our 2019 annual report, you can make a gift toward a specific area. The Lord continues to bless and multiple the fruit of our labors through the generosity of our many supporters. For any gift of $50 or more, we will send you the Nextstep book.

Our Annual Report

Ways to Support

The EC’s Greatest Need

Your gift of $150 will help us bring Jesus to 2,000 by July 1st. We feel the Lord calling us to reach 150 ministries this coming year.


We are committed to blessing priests by covering the registration costs for them to attend ETC. With a gift of $500, you can sponsor a priest to attend ETC. Or help to support a priest to attend ETC with a gift of $250.

Parish Impact

There are five parishes ready to launch Evangelization movements, yet funding is an obstacle. Contribute to supporting parishes with financial challenges with a gift of $100.

Campus Impact

Help us partner with 5 more campuses this year. A gift of $75 will help college students grow in their relationship with Jesus.

One-On-One Impact

Nextstep is a brand new multi-media tool for one-on-one discipleship and leading souls deeper in relationship with Jesus. Your gift of $60 will assist in the further development of Nextstep.

Military Impact

Assist us with starting 20 more small groups on military bases. Help us reach this goal with a gift of $50.

For any gift of $50 or more, we will send you a free book.

Nextstep: Volume One

By: The Evangelical Catholic
Publisher: The Word Among Us
($15 value)

“Through Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the many gifts in the Church, God loves us, heals us, rescues us, and transforms us. Take the next step to discover what it means to be a disciple. Nextstep takes you on a journey toward a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus. This easy to follow guide will show you the way to live fully for the Lord.” — Nextstep: Volume One

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