Best Practice: InterVarsity’s Online Ministry Page

Check out InterVarsity’s Ministering Online through COVID-19 page. It has an inspiring message, basic Zoom tutorials, as well as webinars and outlines for leader gatherings and small group meetings. We’ve outlined some of our favorite take-aways below.

  • We love the three objectives (#2-4 below) for leader meetings that prioritize care for leaders and their networks:

  • The leader meeting Full Guide pdf outlines a network mapping activity where students
    1. Identify people in their network
    2. Brainstorm how to connect
    3. Make a plan for action
  • The leader meeting webinar demonstrates the use of Zoom break-out rooms for a meeting with many leaders.
  • The webinar on small groups shows you how to use Zoom’s annotation tools to mark up a Scripture passage live with small group members.
    • InterVarsity’s Inductive method of Scripture discussion is similar to the “mark-up method” featured in our REACH MORE™ Small Group Training.

  • In various places throughout their online ministry resources, InterVarsity wisely coaches leaders to be more directive than normal when facilitating a leader meeting, small group, or group prayer over Zoom.
    • Since you can’t “go around the circle” to pray, you might need to call on people directly.
    • Having specific questions that everyone can answer and calling on people to share may help drive conversation further. Of course, people are always free to say “pass.”

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