Author: Faye Darnall

Pope Francis is an Evangelical! Part I

It shows in everything he says and does – Francis’ pontificate exemplifies what it means to be both evangelical and Catholic. As many know, “evangel” means “good news.”  Followers of the EC will have heard us stick “ical” on the end of the English translation to make “goodnewsical.” People sit up, attention arrested, because when […]

Pope Francis is an Evangelical! Part II

Hi EC blog followers!  Back with two more Magisterial-Goodnewsical Moments.  If you missed the first two and the introduction, see Part I: Magisterial-Goodnewsical Moment #3:  In Evangelization, Personal Witness Precedes Doctrine What Benedict taught eloquently in encyclicals and exhortations, Francis lives dramatically, making the content of our faith come alive. For me, faith is born […]