Lectio Divina

Prayerful Reading of Scripture

“Speak Lord, your servant is listening” (1 Sam 3:10)

Quiet yourself and Invite the Holy Spirit to guide your prayer time. Take a minute or so just to breathe deeply and focus your attention on God. Perhaps repeat a simple phrase like “Come Holy Spirit,” or the name of Jesus with each breath.

1. Read

Read the scripture selection.

Digest it slowly in small sections. If a word, phrase, or verse stands out pay attention! That can be the Holy Spirit communicating.

2. Reflect

Reflect on the meaning of whatever most stands out to you.

Ponder that word or phrase. If nothing stands out, try summarizing the passage – recount what happens in your own words. When you go back to the text, noticing what you missed can help something stand out. Or imagine yourself in the scene to aid your reflection. Notice any questions that arise, comfort received, promises to claim, commands to obey, examples to follow, errors to avoid, sins to forsake, and praises to sing.

3. Respond & Resolve

Talk to God as you would to a parent, sibling, or trusted friend.

If the Holy Spirit leads you to any resolution or application in your life, write it down to help you remember. Ask God to help you to live it out. Ask Mary or another saint to intercede for you.

4. Rest

Rest in God's presence for a few minutes of silence.

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