Campus One-on-One Discipleship Mentoring

Get equipped to live out Jesus’ Great Commission: Go and make disciples.

Fostering a commitment to discipleship is the engine that runs your ministry. This discipleship workshop will teach the fundamentals, theory, and praxis of intentional One-on-One Discipleship Mentoring.

Discipleship mentors walk with peers on their spiritual journey: sharing life, struggles, victories, and everything involved with developing the heart and habits of a follower of Jesus. This track empowers participants to apprentice another in the main aspects of discipleship by facilitating a Spirit-led conversation, rooted in Scripture and the Tradition of the Catholic Church. The Church calls this “initiatory catechesis” (General Directory of Catechesis).

You will:

  • Develop a vision for making disciples (Matthew 28:18-20) by means of person-to-person ministry (1 Thessalonians 2:8) and apprenticeship in spiritual habits of initiatory catechesis:
    • Centering your life on Christ
    • Participation in the Sacraments
    • Daily mental prayer
    • A growing love of the Scriptures
    • The life of Christian community in the Church
    • Evangelization as the natural overflow of love known in Jesus
    • Obedience to Christ and his Church
  • Identify and select who is ready for apprenticing in discipleship
  • Preparing for a mentoring meeting
  • Practice mentoring another individual
  • Intercede for discipleship partners

The one on one track was extremely thought-out and practical.

John Huffman, North Carolina State University, ETC Midwest 2014

The one on one track really helped me understand how to bring new believers to become disciples themselves. Stressing the importance of prayer really helped motivate me to become a one on one disciple.

Eleni Phelps, Radford University, ETC Mid-Atlantic 2014

Because of the one on one track, I understand how believers need to be trained and matured through Christ to begin to follow Him and bring others closer to Him.

Claire Riehle, Purdue University, ETC Midwest 2014

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