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Evangelization Training Camp

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ETC Midwest
Carlinville, IL - August 6-9, 2018

ETC gives us the focus, the vision, the desire to reach every student on our campuses with the love of Jesus.

Roy Lanham, Director of Campus Ministry, Eastern Illinois University

What to Expect

Evangelization Training Camps equip local Catholic ministries for contagious evangelization that changes lives, unites communities, and invigorates ministries.

Priests and local pastoral leaders learn to lead evangelistic ministries and successfully implement proven strategic outreach methods. Over 4 days, participants grow in their connection to Jesus and the Church while developing pre-evangelistic conversation skills and other crucial aspects of evangelization. All campuses leave with a plan for evangelization tailored to the particular needs of their ministry. Students, and staff are spiritually refreshed, able to return to their campuses with contagious energy to share the Good News! EC nationwide training camps have brought together thousands of students, parishioners, pastors, and campus ministry staff from over 200 different campuses, parishes, and organizations since 2006. Ministries from colleges, universities, and parishes of all sizes and types – Catholic, secular, public – REACH MORE through ETCs. Join us and make it happen in your ministry!


PARISH Staff and Parishioners participate in:

CAMPUS MINISTRY Staff and Student participants participate in:

ETC Testimonials

See what campus ministers, clergy, and students are saying about Evangelization Training Camps.

  • This camp gives us real tools to go out and become fishers of men.

    Johnny Sanchez, campus minister, University of South Carolina
  • The concrete skills and plans coupled with intentional prayer and evangelical catechesis is truly unique! Many groups can do spirituality OR training, but I’ve never had an experience both like had with the EC.

    Steven Howell, Stanford University
  • The strategic planning would be helpful to any ministry, even a thriving one.

    Molly Powers, campus minister, University of Illinois-Chicago
  • This camp has helped me rediscover the joy of following Christ. It has taught me to praise Him and appreciate His presence in my own life. It has also helped me focus upon relying on Him and allowing personal prayer to inform my life. Last, but not least, it was given me passion for evangelization and shown me effective ways to evangelize.

    Connor Tinen, Duke University
  • [ETC] gives us a plan, a structure and a goal that really makes sense.

    Father Douglas Bailey, Florida Institute of Technology
  • [ETC] changed my heart, but it also filled me with the desire/equipped me with the skills to change others’ hearts!

    Lauren Deptola, student, University of Dayton
  • Going through the small group track I feel much better equipped to do a good job… I know the Lord will lead me through if I trust in Him.

    Brad Haas, Iowa State University
  • It as a camp full of healing and getting to know Christ better. We also learn practical tools: first, help our relationship with Christ and secondly, share our story effectively to stir up Christ in others. You leave with a new passion for Christ and a desire to serve the community back on campus.

    John Bocinsky, Florida Institute of Technology
  • Before coming I was very intimidated by the idea of evangelization. I loved how natural it seemed by the end of the week…. After this camp, I realize that its in my nature as a Christian to evangelize. It’s not hard or scary. I’m pumped and excited to just do what I am called to do.

    Eric Brooks, Marymount University
  • The small group question writing was most useful to me. I have led a lot of small groups, but I had never really been given an outline of what kind of questions to ask and when and how…. I feel so much more empowered in both Christ and my leadership abilities.

    Sean Curtis, University of Portland

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