Parish ETC

Equipping parish leadership to transform the parish into a place where the Church is not only built but sent.

Workshops train parish leadership in the tactical skills and strategic vision to begin forming the laity in the basic habits of discipleship and equipping them for fruitful evangelization.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Pray as a team;
  • Set prayer goals for themselves and others for growth;
  • Facilitate spiritual conversations;
  • Apprentice others into the heart and habits of discipleship;
  • Better gauge where others are in their faith journey;
  • Share their story and the message of the Gospel;
  • Prepare to lead an evangelization small group;
  • Adopt a person-to-person approach to ministry;
  • Think and plan in terms of a process that draws people into progressively deeper lives of discipleship;
  • prioritize and manage their time to become more productive.

At the ETC I saw first hand your regular, everyday parishioners who are committed to Christ become inspired and equipped to go back to their parish, their homes, their neighborhoods to become missionary disciples.

Sean Ater, Director of the Office for the New Evangelization, Archdiocese of Cincinnati, ETC Midwest

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